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Description de Lucky Patcher

Unlock the true potential of your device.

If you're looking to unlock a series of restricted app features on your mobile or tablet, you're in luck.

Lucky Patcher is a powerful toolbox app that lives up to its name. Now you can remove ads, change app permissions and gain access to a host of useful features - all with just a simple tap.

Lucky Patcher also allows you to clear app data, remove selected in-app purchases, disable packages, backup and clone apps, generate modified APK files and more.

To harness the full potential of Lucky Patcher open it and search for the app you want to patch and tap the button 'Patch'. The apps that have custom patches available usually work better.

The device might take a while to complete the process as it depends on the size of the app.

A simple colour-coded text tells the results. Green stands for a successful patch, yellow for a partial patch while red declares it unsuccessful.

While Lucky Patcher's features work on any device, the app can do a lot more on a rooted device. In other words, it means you need to 'administrator privileges' on your phone or tablet.

As new custom patches for apps are released very often, it is important to always update the data of Lucky Patcher. You also need to take a look at the bottom menus. Don't forget the toolbox - here's where you can find many useful new tricks and secrets for your device.

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